Five basic steps in the development of App

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Whether Apple's App Store, or Google's Play Store, people will always find unique countless innovative mobile App. However, the creative process is just the first step in a long march, to develop a mobile application is not easy, sometimes very frustrating. Therefore, this article will introduce five steps, perhaps for those entrepreneurs just starting out will help.
First, the first like a good business model before developing App
Many entrepreneurs have an idea after idea, it will immediately begin to develop App application, but I want to remind that, you'd better own App business models have a clear understanding. Generally speaking, the App as a platform to help two interdependent groups to communicate is a good business model.
In fact, Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. App heavyweight applications using the above-mentioned business model.
Next, it is applied to specific App main function and the central role, in short, is that it provides the user what kind of value. If you are in the description of the core functions of App application, with more than one sentence, then I am sorry, it is not enough explanation is basically the core.
Uber's core function is to connect drivers and passengers; Airbnb's core function is to connect the room idle landlords and tenants. Instagram core function is to simply and quickly share the beauties in the social network. These platforms actually only one thing, but the thing to do yet very special, very fine. Therefore, entrepreneurs do not have the idea of ​​eating a bowl of looking at the pot, not a core function well, thinking about the next.
Remember, you can always add more features in the next version. But investors want is your unique in the market competitiveness. If you let the user carries too much choice, certainly not succeed. Moreover, the cost of the new features in App applications are usually not too low, the entrepreneur must learn to use their resources wisely, therefore, the best steel in the blade, in the most competitive, the most capable of forming a regional network effects efforts.
Second, understand the competitive environment
Once you have defined the core functionality of the application App, then the next may have to do some research work, the first, the next is going to understand your potential adversaries and competitive environment. If you attempt to enter a saturated market, the risk is definitely bigger; relatively speaking, a highly competitive market should be more mature, opportunities in which success is relatively large.
However, if your competitors have completed a multi-million dollar Series B round of financing or C, then you may have to weigh yourself, and think you developed this mobile application after entering this market, whether there are competitive enough to compete.
On the other hand, if a market wide open, you need to carefully consider why this is so, do not ventured into them.
Third, planning and verification
If, after the completion of the above two points, it is time to begin to develop plans to make their ideas into a tangible product.
First, you need to understand the difference between the two user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). The user experience is mainly related to how to design the user needs a product or service you need to understand some of the details involved in the work, so as to provide a better experience for the user. The user interface is more focused on the interface usability, such as whether the user can use easily enough, enough high efficiency of the process of using good user satisfaction, and so on.
First thing you need to do is start from the user interface. Your App app screens on which device to use, what kind of function, but also how to relate to each other between the functions. User Experience is not required to consider the above points, it is more to act as a "modified" effect, but the user experience can help you understand the App application should have what kind of design principles. You may consider giving you a platform to develop a detailed framework for planning, even develop a "clickable" App prototypes.
If, after the completion of the above work, you need to share with others, and seek their honest feedback. Depending on the recommendations, formulate development plans and paths UI / UX planning. When you are completely planned layout App application, it must be considered which will run on a mobile operating system platform.
Typically, the mobile App app on Apple's iOS operating system, but if you want to enter the two main iOS and Android mobile market, then here I want to remind that the higher costs required for the application Andrews, development more difficult, and this is one reason why many developers choose iOS operating system, but if a mobile App platform to be successful, it must have Android and iOS those two markets.
Fourth, look for developers to learn how to recruit talent
If you want to build a respected mobile application development company, you may need a few things to keep in mind the following:
Good, fast, cheap. Can only choose two of the three in the mobile application development process, you can not do it three ways.
If you want a complete development and deployment of mobile applications, need to invest at least fifty thousand dollars, few mobile application development company can do less than this amount of cost of inputs. Therefore, you need to do cost estimates, and focus on the development of the feasibility of the lowest product, a clear business model, and build prototypes, do not come on to consider the entire development and deployment projects to come little by little.