Who we are

Dede58 (dreams to 58), founded in 2012, we are a focus on the user experience design development and brand construction of Internet companies, until now for more than 200 customers with innovative and professional design. Design services include: interactive prototype design, product visual design, web design and development, mobile, and software interface design, icon design, brand and graphic design, etc. Our value and the aim is for users and customers to create the best design, improve product design and enterprise value.

We are immersed in the user experience

Help you to dig more business opportunities and innovation

Services under the thinking of business design

Forsake grandiose to reach common goals

Lean cooperation and sharing

Let us help you dream

Service advantages

Ideas, processes, execution, be short of one cannot
Since founding, our constant business direction, focus on one thing better to pursue high quality, it is also dede58 value of existence. We are also in the future based on this belief and continue to create.
In constant innovation and practice sums up the sustainable and reliable design process, insist on thinking, together with user to find and solve problems with the method of the design, output, design plan, and implement customer products and the promotion of enterprise value.
Dede585 years accumulated a large number of excellent project case, and verify that the value of the design. Constantly sum up experience in the exploration of, result oriented, continue to provide excellent design for more customers.

Our team

We are in pursuit of quality and strive to continuously exceed their own team, each member is intimate partner, growth and development together with the company. We respect every time cooperation opportunities and challenges, and constantly improve and strive to perfect. Team adhering to the dedicated, professional design service thinking, exert the great value of the products to customers through design, and explore the infinite possibility. Love design and believed in the power of design let's keep moving forward...

Photography team building activities

Photography team building activities

Photography team building activities

Photography team building activities

Photography team building activities